Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Does Apply As You Type Mean

In Microsoft word auto correct option we will have many options like Replace As you like in auto correct option and  in auto format option.

The Apply option tells us that it is used for applying different options in Microsot Word 2007 and 2010:
  • Automatic bulleted lists-    Creates a bulleted list when a line of text starts with one of the following characters *, -, or > followed by a space or tab.
  • Border lines -   Draws a line when you type three consecutive instances of the following characters ~, #, *, -, _, or = on a new line, and then press ENTER. For example, typing ~~~ on a new line, and then pressing ENTER draws a wavy line across the page.
  • Built-in Heading styles    Applies heading styles to paragraphs of five or less words that do not end with punctuation after you press ENTER two times. For Heading 1, type a new line; for Heading 2, precede the new line with a single tab; for Heading 3, precede the new line with two tabs.
  • Automatic numbered lists-   Creates a numbered list when a line of text starts with the number 1 followed by a period or tab.
  • Tables -   Creates a single row table when you insert a sequence of plus signs (+) and hyphens (-) at the start of a line of text, and then press ENTER. You must begin and end the sequence with a plus sign. For example, +---+---+------+ creates a single row table with three columns. The column width is equal to the number of hyphens typed between the plus signs. To add rows anywhere in the table, position the cursor at the end of the row where you want to insert the new row, and then press ENTER.


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