Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picture Effects In Microsoft Word

Microsoft word has added improved its features compared to its previous versions of 2003 and 2007, and has made the documenting part more interesting. It has given effects to pictures with which we can display pictures in  our designed format. 

Adding Effects to Pictures in Word 2010: 

1) First Insert Picture on to the word document

2) Click on Format Under the Picture Tools Highlighted Option we will have many options

3) The options to add picture effects are as follows

  • Picture border: We have options to add border lines and colors to the picture in this option
  • Picture effects: we can add different effects like Preset, Shadow, Reflection etc from here.

  • Picture Layout: From many predefined layouts we can choose the picture to be applied with desired layout.

  • Picture style

This option helps us to present pictures in different angles, shapes  and with different effects applied to it.

Here the Picture rotated 3-dimensionally and is applied with shaded border. It is applicable for Word 2007 as well. 


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