Thursday, May 12, 2011

Importance of Color In a Document

Color is arguably one of the most powerful design tools at the disposal. It is extremely noticeable even when viewed from a distance, a document with color stands out from black-and-white publications. Our publications will come to life with the appropriate application of color, and we can also use color to reinforce our organization's brand and identity. Adding a splash of color can give us a lot of boom for our marketing bucks. 

Provides differentiation and recognition: 
    Color helps our targeted audience recognize our marketing materials and also distinguishes our materials from our competitors' collateral. Color can also help us brand our marketing materials by providing a signature look or style that is uniquely owned by us.
Projects an image: 
    Color influences the way that our readers perceive our message. All colors come with their own "emotional baggage," which can instantly reinforce or undermine our message. For example, certain images or elements in a range of colors have evoked associations from people such as "cool," "warm," "professional," "sterile," "tropics," "Art Deco," and "wartime."
Creates selective emphasis: 
    Color emphasizes our marketing messages and helps guide readers through our publications. We can also help ensure message retention with the judicious application of color. Readers are drawn to well-designed, color-enhanced text such as key phrases or headlines that are set apart in color. This selective emphasis helps reinforce significant elements in our messages.
Organizes content : 
   Color makes our publications more readable by helping the reader to intuitively understand the organization of your content. For example, by using alternating colored rows in a complex table or worksheet, we can help our readers focus on the information and single out the data that they need. 

Microsoft has uniquely found the importance of coloring a document and everything that can be included in a document. It has introduced many colors for the borders, pictures, headings, header and footers etc. Coloring has improved the productivity of the companies in many ways.


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