Monday, May 16, 2011

Calculate Totals In Microsoft Word Table

We do calculations in Excel table, Microsoft word has also got a feature with which we can calculate the sum of numbers in a table.

Steps To Calculate the Sum Of numbers in A Word Table:

1) Place the cursor in the cell where we want the sum to Appear

2) Click On Table Menu and click on Formula 

3) We will see the formula in the formula bar where it shows "=SUM(LEFT)" or "=SUM(ABOVE)" depending on the where the numbers are placed.

Click OK to get the calculation done in the cell.


Sorry, could not get it done.
Probably because I have a table with Dr & Cr and there are gaps within, due to which I assume that word cannot do the totals like Excel.

I am replying myself to the above comment I raised earlier an hour ago, to which I found the solution via google search.
Maybe someone might benefit.
The solution is:
Suppose if you have a table of 3 columns, with A being used for text, B for Dr amounts & C with Cr amounts WITH GAPS, then go to Formulas and instead of the usual =SUM(ABOVE), replace the word ABOVE with either =SUM(B:B) or =SUM(C:C) and you will get the totals with gaps within.
Hope it helps someone.

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