Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Find If the Picture Is Bitmap Or Not

We Can Determine if the picture is a bitmap or not using simple steps in Microsoft word or in general as well.

1) If the picture hasn't yet been added to your work
  • If the picture is in Clip Organizer, rest the mouse pointer above the picture until the tool tip appears.
  • If the file type is .bmp, .jpg, or .gif, the picture is a bitmap. If the picture is a .png, .wmf, or .mix, it is a drawn picture.

2) If the picture is already in the work
  • Click the picture's adjustment handle.

  • Drag the mouse to stretch the picture until it's as large as possible.
  • If individual pixels appear, and the picture looks blurry, the picture is a bitmap. If the picture grows smoothly and pixels do not appear, the picture is drawn.
We can undo the changes we have made to the picture by going to Edit menu and Undo.


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