Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Working With Text In Microsoft Word 2003

To add a check box to a document, point to Toolbars on the View menu, click Forms, and then click Check Box Form Field on the Forms toolbar.

  • To return to the location of the last edit, press SHIFT+F5.
  • To look up synonyms in the thesaurus, select a word and press SHIFT+F7.
  • To restore selected text to its original formatting, press CTRL+SPACEBAR.
  • To sort dates, numbers, and other text in ascending or descending order, click Sort on the Table menu.
  • To edit in print preview, click Magnifier on the Print Preview toolbar.
  • To hyphenate a document automatically, click Language on the Tools menu, and then click Hyphenation.
  • To select a rectangular block of text, press ALT and drag.
  • To turn over type mode on or off, double-click OVR on the status bar.
  • To insert symbols and other special characters, click Symbol on the Insert menu.
  • To count the number of words in a document or selection, click Word Count on the Tools menu.


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