Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips For Formatting A Word Document

Tips for any program helps its users to use the program in a better way and enhancing the performance of the program. In Microsoft office there are tips for every simple thing and it is the beauty of the program that makes it more usable with the tips. 

  • To change the margin or column settings for part of a document, first create section breaks.
  • To insert a page break, press CTRL+ENTER.
  • To add a row at the end of a table, click the last cell, and then press TAB.
  • To delete a table and its contents, select the table, point to Delete on the Table menu, and then click Table.
  • To merge table cells to make a table title, select the cells, and then click Merge Cells on the Table menu.
  • To insert a tab character in a table cell, press CTRL+TAB.
  • To number rows in a table, select the left column, and then click the Numbering button.
  • To number columns in a table, select the top row, and then click the Numbering button.
  • To move a table row up or down, select the row, and then press ALT+SHIFT+UP ARROW or ALT+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW.
  • To preserve formatting when you move or copy a paragraph, include the paragraph mark.
  • To center, left-align, or right-align a selected paragraph, press CTRL+E, CTRL+L, or CTRL+R.
  • To add a tab stop, click the ruler where you want to set the stop.
  • To delete a tab stop, drag it off the ruler.
  • To view the text of a footnote or endnote, rest the pointer on the note's reference mark.


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