Friday, May 27, 2011

Conditional Formatting In Excel 2003

When the data in the worksheet is very huge and when we think it will take some time to find the data which we want, we can use this conditional formatting option to extract the exact data from the worksheet.

Steps to apply Conditional Formatting:

Say we need to find all the values that lies between 10000 and 15000 in a given set of data, then we may have to keenly observe the data and it also takes some time. At this moment we may use the conditional formatting.

1) Select the data range from which data has to be extracted.
2) Click Format menu and click conditional formatting option.

3) we will get the following dialog box. We can imply many conditions for formatting the same data depending on the requirement. Here we need to find the values that lie between 10000 and 15000.

4) We need enter 10000 in the cell numbered "i" and 15000 in the cell "15000" and to format it we need to click format and can give some color to the selected range of values.

5) when we click OK the values that lie between the given range of cells will be displayed in the selected color.


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