Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips For Viewing And Navigating

In Microsoft Word we may feel that sliding through the document will take time and we feel that there should be some shortcut way of viewing the document and navigating through it. Office has brought that luxury of navigating through the document easily and conveniently. 

To See and Navigate through the document: 

  • To see two parts of a document simultaneously, drag the split bar at the top of the scroll bar.
  • To view a document's organization and jump to different sections, click Document Map on the View menu.
  • To see the same document in two different views, click Split on the Window menu, and then choose the views you want.
  • To display page margins, click Options on the Tools menu, and then on the View tab, under Print and Web Layout options, select the Text boundaries check box.
  • To move to the previous or next word, press CTRL+LEFT ARROW or CTRL+RIGHT ARROW.
  • To go to the beginning or end of a document, press CTRL+HOME or CTRL+END.
  • To select an entire document, press CTRL+A.
  • To close all open documents, press SHIFT, and then click Close All on the File menu.


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