Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Header and Footer

While writing a book or a document we may need to have pages numbers, or the topic name on that page at the top and continuation topic at the bottom at the bottom but not in text document but below that. Microsoft Office has got this need addressed in Word in the form or Header and Footer. This will help in saving the space on the writing area and gives a professional look to document. When we write an email using word mailmerge option this will help the user to set some date in to the header or footer.

Steps to Insert Header into Documents

1) Click on Insert menu and go to header on the ribbon

2) When we click on header to get predefined headers, choose from them.

3) You will get the chosen header and its predefined text. Now click on the text and type the text that you want as header. 

4) Click on the page to get it applied to document

It works in the same way except we choose footer instead of header.


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