Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Add Web Pages to PowerPoint Presentation

Powerpoint has been the most powerful data presentation program in Microsoft Office. We sometimes show the audience, information from the internet.  Taking a Screenshot sometimes may look outdated on the webpage we're demonstrating, we can create a webpage which is live. 
By default it powerpoint does not have an option to insert live webpages. We need to install an add-in

Download the correct version of the add-in for the the version that is running on it. Once it’s downloaded, extract the files as normal.

 Click on File tab and click on Add-Ins on the left and select power point Add-Ins from manage menu and click GO.

This will open the PowerPoint Add-ins window.  Click Add New to add the LiveWeb addin we downloaded previously. Browse to the folder that has the Add-In downloaded, select the Live Webb App and click Ok to get it applied. 

Power point will warn about a macros that wants to run along with it. Clicking on Enable macros will enable the add in and will be displayed in the list of Add-Ins for Power Point. 

 Click on Insert Menu and click webpage on Liveweb section.This will start the quick Wizard to install live web. 

Enter the URL in the box and click on Add.

Click next to get an option to refresh the webpage automatically or not and the next step will ask us to choose the size of the web page on the slide in percentage. 

In the next step it will complete the inserting a web page into power point presentation.


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