Saturday, July 9, 2011

No sound is emitted from the projector

When we are running a presentation on a portable computer and a projector, the projector does not play any of the sounds in the presentation. This happens for many reasons.

To resolve the issue verify the following: 

  • Check volume adjustments - The volume must be turned up, and muting functions must be turned off, both on the computer and on the projector:
  •  Adjust the audio source on the computer by using the sound and audio device settings in Control Panel (click Start, and then click Control Panel). Some computers also have hardware volume controls, which may be integrated into the keyboard or located elsewhere on the machine itself.
  • Adjust the audio settings on the projector. Projectors may have sound buttons on either the remote control or the projector itself, or both. Refer to the projector documentation for information about volume control.
  • Check audio input connections -  Make sure that the audio input connectors are set up and working correctly:
  • Make sure that the audio input connectors are completely plugged in and are connected to the appropriate outlets.
  • Make sure that you are using the sound cables that were provided by the projector manufacturer.
  • Check sound file availability -  Make sure that your sound files are available to the presentation. If the sound files are not embedded in the presentation itself, but only linked to it, then make sure that the linked files (or copies of them) are located in the same folder that your presentation is in. Otherwise, the presentation may not be able to access them.


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