Friday, July 8, 2011

Desktop Image Is Not Projected On Screen

When we are running a presentation on a portable computer and a projector, sometimes, the image of the desktop from the computer will not be projected. This is because of the lack of signal transmission between the computer and the projector. 

To resolve the issue: 

1)  To restore signal transmission, first turn off both the projector and the computer. Then turn them both on again , the projector first and only then the computer.

2) If it is a portable computer, we may need to manually activate or deactivate the computer’s video port in order for the computer to send a signal to the projector. Some portable computers provide three states for video port activation:
  • State1 - Activation of the computer’s own display only
  • State2 - Activation of the computer’s external video port only
  • State3 - Simultaneous activation of both the computer’s own display and the computer’s external video port3

The command for activating the video port will usually toggle through all three of these options. If activation of the video port does not cause an image to be projected, wait 45 seconds, and then run the command again.


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