Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Layout And Design Options In Photo Album

We can also change the layout and design options in a photo album in Power point 2003. It is an advantage and is similar to other photo editing programs that  gives us photo editing features.

TO Change Layout and Design Options In photo Albums: 

1) Open the photo album you want to make changes to.
2) On the Format menu, click Photo Album.
3) In the Format Photo Album dialog box, under Album Layout, do any of the following:
  • If we want to select the layout of our pictures and text boxes on the slides in our photo album, select a layout in the Picture layout list. If we select Fit to slide as our picture layout, we are unable to add or change frame shapes and design templates.

  • If we want to select the shape of a frame to use with our pictures, we should select a shape in the Frame shape list.

  • If we want to select a design template to use for our photo album, click Browse, and then in the Choose Design Template dialog box, locate the design template you want to use, and then click Select.
4) Click Update.


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