Friday, March 18, 2011

Auto Correct In Excel 2003

As we have auto correct in Microsoft Word we have auto correct  it in Microsoft excel as well. It helps us in avoiding any typing errors. 

Steps to set up auto correct in Excel 2003: 

1) Click on Tools Menu and auto correct options.

2) Here we see that Two boxes Under Auto Correct Tab. 
  • Replace: The word that we type incorrectly by mistake.
  • With: The word with which it has to be replaced with automatically.
Say we typed sum as som, so we write 'som' under 'Replace' and 'sum' under 'With' and click on Add to add that word to the auto correct library so that whenever we write 'som' it will be replaced with sum. 

This feature is available in all the latest three versions of Microsoft Office.


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