Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Insert Foot Note In Microsoft Word

Footnotes are tags that describe a word that has got a number as super script in paragraphs in the middle. They describe either the meaning or additional information about the word that is superscribed with a number. Notes are written at the end of every page. We usually find them in dictionary, Novels and story books. Microsoft word 2010 has given this option to insert footnotes in a very easiest way.
Steps to insert Footnote in Microsoft Word 2010: 

1) Place the cursor beside the word that has to be given a footnote.

2) Click on Insert Footnote on Foot Notes Section Under References Tab

2) As soon as we press on that option we will get a superscript on the top of the word program and the cursor moves to end of the page where we will type information about the word.

It will be placed just above the Footer of the page.


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