Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Import Text Into Microsoft Excel

Sometimes we need to just type the data in a notepad to Microsoft Excel, then we need not think of typing all the text into Excel sheet again, we can just import the text from the other documents into excel.
Steps to Import text into Excel: 

1) Click on Data Tab and click on From Text on Get External Data

2) Click on from text to get a table that shows us to choose the file and when we select the data file it will show the below dialog box. 

3) It gives us an option limit to the cells and their widths and when we click on next it gives us an option to set the delimiters to the data to be copied to it. 

4) Next step will give us an option to choose the data type to be pasted on the sheet

5) Clicking on Finish will bring us a dialog box where it shows the cell range to paste the data.

Just Click on Ok will bring us the data from the data file to excel sheet as it is.


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