Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Uses Of Microsoft OneNote

One note is an application where we can just scribble anything and can forget it to see at a later time even if we don't save it. There we can create Information to make into books that can be published online or create presentations as in Power point,  as slides, paint pictures, write with free hand using a pencil. There are many things we can explore in One Note. It has changed the Microsoft Office necessity and usage to a very large extent.

Top Uses Of One Note: 

  • Collect screen clippings while surfing online which are pasted along with links they are collected from . 
  • Instantly email the status of what we are doing.
  • We can tag and find important items with customized tags.
  • Print presentations, documents, or anything else into One Note for comments or future reference.
  • Collect articles from the Web.
  • Save important emails in One Note from Outlook.
  • Protect sensitive information such as Bank account information, web site logins, private journal, etc.


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