Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conditional Formatting

In a group of large data we may need all values of same value or same field or values greater or lesser than a particular value. Then we may use the option of conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel

Steps for Conditional Formatting: 

1) Select the data for which we need to apply conditional formatting, click on Conditional Formatting on Styles Ribbon under Home Menu

2) To highlight cells of a particular value we may need to click on Highlight Cells Rules, where we have many options

  • Greater Than: It highlights the cells greater than the specified value.
  • Less Than: Cells having values lesser than the specified values will be highlighted.
  • Between: Value between two specified values or range
  • Equal To: Equals to a given value.
  • Text that contains : It formats the cells with a given text data. 
  • A Date Occurring:  It formats the cells that has a date specified in the list. Ex: Yesterday, Last week etc. 

Here we will see the example how it works for Equal To: 
We have selected the data in numbers that has 4 and 5 in them. So we will format the cells that contains the cells with value 5 in them. 

3) Click on 'Equal to' we will get the box where we need to enter the value. 

4) We will get the cells formatted with light red color in the selected data. 


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