Saturday, February 26, 2011

DropCap in Word 2007

Drop cap is the option to make the first letter of the paragraph bigger than the rest of the paragraph in Microsoft office word. These drop caps make the documents look really professional. It works the same way in 2010 version as well.

Click the beginning of the paragraph you want to emphasize. Then click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and choose Drop Cap. You can scroll to any of the three preset Drop Caps and the document will change with your choice.  By default it will drop by three lines.  

Once we click on the Option we will get a window as below

Here we can change the text as well. This is mostly used by Newspaper editors and Book printers where for every paragraph they may set up drop cap to give it a great professional look. This works both in windows Xp and the latest operating system windows 7 as well for all suites.


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