Saturday, February 26, 2011

Error 2203 During Installation

When we make custom installation of Microsoft Office and wish to add some components after some time when we need them, sometimes we may need to encounter an error that arises due to permissions to temp folder.

We can solve this issue in this way:

1) We need to stop the windows installer service first.

2) Restart the Service after a moment.
3) Go to temp Folder by typing  '%temp%' 
4) Open its folder properties by right clicking in the empty space inside the folder.

5) Select Security tab and click on Edit under Group or User names.
6) Permissions for Temp folder appears, click on Add

7) Now type Everyone in the Objects Names box and click Check Names which will underline it as shown here then click Ok.

8) Now under Permissions for Everyone click the box to give it Full control and click OK.

 9) Restart the installation which will successfully be completed.


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