Thursday, February 24, 2011

Issues In Activating Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a commercial product by Microsoft corporation that has licensing and strict issue of licenses. Users have to purchase license to use it on their PC's. They have to activate using online or using a retail key. They may face issues in activating the product, a particular suite.

The Issues in starting or activating an office product could be as follows:

  • You have not successfully activated the Office product.
  • You must reactivate the Office product.
  • There may be part of a previous Office installation in the registry or in the Office folders.

There can be problems even after completion of activation which could be because of many reasons. The issues after activating the office product are as follows:

  • The Activation Wizard does not start 
  • The Office product runs in reduced functionality mode.
  • You have reached the limit of computers on which you can activate the product
  • Significant changes were made to the configuration of the computer.
  • Telephone activation fails.
  • The Microsoft Activation Assistant was unable to request your trial activation key.
  • Office activation wizard shows that product is in expired state click convert to start the conversion to full version.


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