Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Office Licence Types

There are two main types of licensing :
Product Key Cards
Traditional Disks

Product Key Cards: 

Product Key Cards are similar in many ways to the Office 2007 Medialess License Kits (MLKs).They are designed for use with new PCs preloaded with Office 2010, and include a 25-character Product Key that can be used by the end user to activate one PC preloaded with Office 2010. Product Key Cards do not include a disc; however, a backup download is available for reinstallation on the same PC. The Product Key Card license type is not transferable to another computer. 

Traditional Disks:

This license type, often referred to as Full Packaged Product (FPP) in the past, includes a DVD, a 25-character Product Key, and a Quick Start Guide. Similar to the way Product Key Cards work, the 25-character Product Key will activate an Office 2010 preloaded PC. However, unlike the Product Key Card, the DVD may also be used to install Office on a new PC that has not been preloaded with the Office 2010 or on an existing PC. The number of installations and users depends on the specific Office suite purchased. 


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