Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uninstalling Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a huge software that has lots of data, files, installation packages etc included in it. When we install it, all the required packages get installed on the system. When we need to upgrade, we need to uninstall the older version first and then proceed with the installation of latest version. This applies to any version and to any suite.
We can install the Office by following the steps below:
For windows XP:

1) Go to Add or remove Programs and Click on Microsoft office.
2) Click on remove at the right bottom corner of highlighted program.
3) Then we will get the following screen

4) Select uninstall and click on next.

This will uninstall the program. Please wait for the program to uninstall completely, follow the steps it shows while uninstalling.

 For Windows 7:
1) Go to Program Features
2) Select Microsoft office 
3) Click on Uninstall to see the screen as you see in the first figure. Screen changes from version to version.

4) Select Uninstall and click next to remove the program completely.


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