Thursday, February 24, 2011

Setup cannot create Registry Key

While installing Microsoft Office we receive this error. This is given a number 1401. This error is related to registry key creation when we install Microsoft Office. Office installation wizard could not install the program as it could not write into the registry.

This error is due to the followinng reasons:

  1. The user might not have Administrative rights.
  2. The permission for the Everyone group of the registry subkey noted in the error message is not set to Full Control.
  3. A third-party application like spysweeper on the system can deny the required access to the registry subkey.
  4. The non-administrative user accounts on the computer do not have permission to modify specific files that are used by the Office Setup program.
  5. This issue may occur if a Group Policy high-security template was applied to the computer and if the high-security template restricts access to the following file:
    For Windows XP:
  • Office 2007
    C:\Documents and Settings\AllUsers\Application Data\Microsoft\ Office\Data\Opa12.dat
  • Office 2003
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\ Office\Data\Opa11.dat
      For Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  • Office 2007
    C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Office\Data\Opa12.dat
  • Office 2003
    C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Office\Data\Opa11.dat
When non- admin users cannot modify the file, users cannot start any office 2007, 2003 and Office XP. There are similar error messages that will give error messages 1402 that gives an error message 'Error 1402: Setup cannot open Registry Key ' and 'Error 1406: Setup cannot write the value to the registry key'.


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