Saturday, June 4, 2011

Create A Chart In Microsoft Excel 2003

Microsoft is one of the best spreadsheet applications that are available in the market. We can use it for many calculations and financial data interpretation and analysis.

Steps to create a Chart In Excel 2003:

1) Click on Chart Icon on the standard toolbar.

2) We will get the wizard to select the charts of standard or custom type in first step.

3) Select the chart and click Next then it will ask for the data range for information or data to be inserted in to the chart. We just need to select the range of cells which we want to be in the chart.

4) It will ask us to select the Legend for the chart- which means the bar that are being depicted in the bar graph or the data that is being shown in the chart, and its location.

5) In Step 4 it will ask us the location where the chart has to be placed whether in a new sheet or in same sheet as an object.

6) Click finish to get the chart placed in the current sheet as an object.


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