Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Excel Ignores The Page Breaks

If our workbook is set up so that Excel fits our printed work on a specific number of pages, Excel ignores the manual page breaks we've set and reduces the size of the printed worksheet. This we can see under Page Setup on the File menu, by clicking the Page tab, and check the Fit to option under Scaling.
Use Adjust To instead of Fit To:

               To fit the worksheet to the specified number of pages and use the manual page breaks we inserted, click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Page tab, and then click Adjust to.

If this does not work we need to select the data range, give a row gap for every page break, hold down CTRL and select the range for the second page, omitting the blank rows or columns. Continue until we've selected all pages that are to be printed and choose Set Print Area from Print Area under File menu and select number of pages that we want in fit to. This will print pages with page breaks and will not ignore the page breaks while printing.


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