Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Page Numbers At Each SubDocument Start

In Microsoft Word 2003, we have an option to start the page numbers at the start of each sub-document. Generally we will have it in every main or master document start but we can change it at the start of every sub document.

To start the page numbers at the Sub-Documents:

1) Open the first subdocument in the master document.

2) On the View menu, click Print Layout.

3) On the Insert menu, click Page Numbers. In the Position box, specify whether to print page numbers in the header at the top of the page or in the footer at the bottom of the page.

4) In the Alignment box, specify whether to align page numbers left, center, or right relative to the left and right margins, or inside or outside relative to the page edges that will be bound.

5) If we don't want a number on the first page, clear the Show number on first page check box.

6) Click Format. In the Start at box, type 1.

We have to repeat this for every sub document. 


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