Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Align Cells in Microsoft Excel 2003

When we are writing in Microsoft Excel 2003, the data we enter will be aligned to the right and to the left if it is Numbers and Text respectively. If we want to change the alignment we may need to change it manually. 

Steps to Change the Alignment of data in Excel 2003: 

1) We see that the text is aligned left and the numbers are aligned to the right side of a cell.

2) To change the alignment in a desired way we need to select the cell or a range of cells, if the entire cells needs a same alignment. 

3) Click a different Alignment on the Formatting toolbar. Here I have selected Align Center.

4) As soon as we select the center align option we will see the selected cells get the alignment. Both the Text and numbers get the same alignment. 

We can change the alignment of one single cell as well by just selecting one cell and changing the alignment on Formatting toolbar. This works same with Microsoft Word and Power point as well. 


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