Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Change Default Font- Microsoft Word 2010

In Microsoft Word 2010 we have Cambria as the default font. But we can change it to our convenience and necessity to avoid changing the font where ever we write an official document. It is almost similar in 2007 version

Steps to Change the Default Font in Microsoft Word 2010: 

1) Click on Change Styles on Styles Ribbon.

Here we have 4options: 

Style Set: We get default style set that will comes with Microsoft Word 2010.
Colors: Predefined theme colors.
Fonts: Default Font that comes with Office package.
Paragraph Spacing: Default Styles of Paragraph Spacing. 

We choose Fonts and the type as required and click on Set As Default by going to Change Styles Again. This will set the default font along with styles that we have seen before. It will change the font automatically from the current working document. 


I was reading your post anxiously. I was trying for the last few hours to change the dafault font and colour. Followed your instructions above. But when I came to the change style button, the drop down window shows the four options as you mentioned, but the fonts and colour are in grey - cannot make any changes. How to continue from here? Please help!
Thank you in advance.


I have tried so many ways of trying to change and set a font in work (office 2010) What ever I do i cannot maintain the default....help PLEASE

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