Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creating a Database In MS Access 2010

 Microsoft Access has been evolved as one of the best user friendly database programs and it has added itself many features to enhance the user and developer accessibility and ability to work on it. In Microsoft Office 2010, many things have been added compared to its previous versions. We shall see how to create a database in Microsoft Access 2010.

To create a new database, do the following:
1) On the New tab in Backstage view, click Blank Database or Blank Web Database.

2) On the right, type a name for your database in the File Name box.


3) To change the location in which you create the file, click Browse folder  next to the File Name box, browse to and select the new location, and then click OK.
4) Click Create.
5) Access puts the cursor in the first empty cell in the Click to Add column of the new table.

Entering data in Datasheet view is designed to be very similar to entering data in an Excel worksheet except with a  restriction that the data must be entered in contiguous rows and columns, starting at the upper-left corner of the datasheet .


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