Saturday, March 12, 2011

Freeze Panes In Microsoft Excel 2010

While working on a very large data we may need to see and compare the data in different parts of the worksheet or work book. So we may need to navigate away from the row and column we are in right now. In that cases we may not see the data relevant to the column or row data. 

Steps to Freeze Panes: 

1) Keep the cursor in the cell we want to see data of next column -- Click on View Menu and Click on Freeze panes on the ribbon window.

2) We will get three options 
  • Freeze panes
  • Freeze Top Row
  • Freeze First Column
3) Freeze panes will freeze panes depending on the selection.

4) Freeze top row will freeze the top row and the rest all sheet scrolls.

5) Freeze First column will freeze first column and we can move the sheet to the right without moving the first column.

This is very helpful when we have a very large amount of data and we need to change or move away from one data and want to see related data of same data in a particular cell. 


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