Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Turn Off Handwriting Recognition-MS WORD

Handwriting recognition can be used to type text in any Microsoft Office program by writing instead of typing. You can write by using a mouse or by using a third-party handwriting input device. Office programs can automatically convert this input to typed text. 

Steps to Turn Off Handwriting Recognition:

1) Before deleting this process we may need to end the process Ctfmon.exe under the processes tab in task manager.

2) Go to Add or Remove Programs and click on Microsoft Office 2003 and click on change.

3) Click on Add or remove Features> Next> Choose advanced customization of applications> Next> Advanced Customization PaneMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Office Excel

  • Expand Office Shared Features
  • Expand Alternative User Input
  • Click the symbol next to Handwriting, and then click Not Available
  • Click the symbol next to Microsoft Handwriting Component, and then click Not Available.
  • Expand French, click the symbol next to English - French Translation, and then click Not Available and similarly for Spanish language
4) Click on Update and when it is complete type the command regsvr32 /u msctf.dllto register the filename
5) Delete the registry key from the registry 
6) Delete the entry ctfmon.exe. 

From Explorer: 

   1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
   2. Click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.
   3. Click Regional and Language Options.
   4. On the Languages tab, click Details.
   5. On the Advanced tab, click to select the Turn off advanced text services check box.
   6. Click OK. If you are prompted to confirm the change, click Yes, and then click OK.


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