Friday, March 18, 2011


When a data need to be arranged in a particular fashion depending on some values or names or any part of information that is there in the data, we can use the sorting option in Microsoft Excel in 2010 version. Microsoft Office has made our lives easier by introducing features like these.

Steps to Sort the data in Microsoft Excel 2010: 

1) Click on Data Menu

2) Here we have Three options under Sorting section of Ribbon Sort and Filter
  • A-Z : This sorts the data in alphabetical order.

  • Z-A: This sorts the data in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Sort: This gives us an option to select the sorting rule whether depending on the value or data or depending on the formatting.

This is the option that helps us in finding the data easily and saving the time. This is even available in Microsoft Word as well and since Office 2003 version.


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