Friday, March 4, 2011

Hide and Unhide Worksheets

A worksheet is a collection of cells on a single “sheet” where you actually keep and manipulate the data and collection of these worksheets will become workbook. A workbook is an Microsoft Excel file where you enter and store related data. Some times we may need to see the sheet 2 and do not want to see the sheet one, at that moment we may hide the sheet for time being. 

Steps to hide a worksheet or spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel:

Method 1: Using ribbon buttons

1) Select the sheets you wish to hide. 

2) Go to Home tab and click on Format Under Cells Section and Select Hide or Unhide

3) Under which you will get an option Hide Sheet click on that to hide the sheet.

4) Similarly we can also unhide the sheet by going to format and click on Hide or Unhide and click on Unhide Sheet we will get an option to choose from all the hidden sheets on the clip board. 

5) Here we can see that sheets 1 and 2 are hidden. to get sheet 1 we need to select sheet 1 and click on OK to get the sheet back. 

Method 2:

We can just right click on the sheet number and click on hide to make the sheet hidden. Similarly we can unhide the sheets just by right clicking on them. This method works for versions 2003, 2007 and 2010.


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