Thursday, March 17, 2011

Add Security to Documents In Word 2010

Microsoft Office has introduced security to the documents in its 2010 version of Word and all its applications. It is of great advantage to the users who make some important documents and presentations. With the ability to share MS Office documents online via Web Apps, you might want to make sure and add extra security to them. Even if you’re sharing them through your companies network, it might be prudent to add security to documents that only certain department heads need to access.

Steps to protect document: 

1) If your document needs to be in a certain format and you don’t want people making incorrect edits, you can control the types of changes people can make by setting restrictions to the document. 

2) When we click on restrict Editing it will give a box to the right side like this.

3) Click on settings in Section 1 on the right pane which states Formatting restrictions the we will get the format features that can be disabled in the document, once disabled the document cannot be edited on those formatting. 

4) After that we have features that can be edited. Click on More Users to get a box where we can type the names of the users on the computer. 

5) When we click on Yes, Start Enforcing Protection it will ask for password so that only users who enter password can edit the settings on the document. 

This is how we can add security to a document in Microsoft Office 2010. This procedure is applicable to programs Word, excel, and power point as well. 


Hi, is there any way that you can add formatting i.e. dot points to a locked cell in word, so as other users can add them once the cell has been locked?

You have discussed about only one security option in this article. I am highly interested in learning about how to add a digital signature. This is the latest and most secured type which we all wanted to know.
electronic signature in word

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