Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Save One Note Notebooks as PDF

 In Microsoft Office has One note that is a very great application for managing your notes at meetings or in class. Sometimes we may need them to be converted to different formats. It has many ways of saving a page, Section and notebook in different formats. 

Steps to save a OneNote Notebook as PDF: 

1) Choose the Notebook that has to be converted, Click on File menu to get the Backstage view and click on Save as.

Here we have three options

  • Page: To save the current page in the current Notebook
  • Section: To Save the Current Section
  • Notebook: To save the whole Notebook

2) We need to choose Notebook and the options on the right changes to three. 

3) We need to select PDF, the second option and Click on Save as to save the whole note book as a PDF document. 

This feature is available in One Note 2010 version. This is a very important feature that adds security to the document and also the portability of application .


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