Friday, March 25, 2011

Insert Object

Microsoft has introduced a feature to insert one program in another. We can insert a Power point presentation in Microsoft Word. It has been there from Office 2003 version. 

Steps to Insert Object in Microsoft word 2010: 

1) Click on Insert menu and Click on Object on text Ribbon. 

2) We will get the different Office programs to be inserted as object onto the document. 

3) A Power point Presentation has been selected to be inserted in to the document as an object. 

This is a very helpful since a program like Excel in Word would make the numerical data to be entered very easily.


When I use the create from file tab, and try to insert a .JPG file, I'm getting a link to the file rather than embedding the actual file into my word document. Both boxes "link to file" and "display as icon" are unchecked.

Here is how you can insert an object to a Word document by linking or embedding:

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