Thursday, March 17, 2011

Encrypt Office Programs

Microsoft office has introduced encryption feature in it 2010 version. It has added a great value to the program along with security. Encryption will help us protect our documents by setting passwords for them. It will ask the password when we try to open the document or workbook or a presentation second time and there on

Steps to encrypt the Power point presentation: 

1) Click on File Menu to get the back stage view and click on Info on the left and click on Permissions

2) When we click on Encrypt Password it will us to enter password.

3) Once it is entered it will ask us to re-enter the password to confirm it. 

4) when we confirm the password the message appears under the Permissions option. 

When we try to open the presentation next time it asks for the password. 

This feature has made office 2010 unique from its previous versions as it provides data security for better protection and usability of the program. This method works for Word, Power point and Excel.


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