Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sharing a Folder in One Note

One notes provides a comprehensive set of features that will help in sharing , making note of and storing the data in a very convenient way and has become a very important part of Microsoft Office . When we create a notebook online we can share the data online and it can be opened from the Office online account from any other computer.  

Sharing a folder: 

1)  Once a One Note notebook is created online, the data in it will be synchronized and automatically and the data can  be viewed online.
2) If we want to share a folder or One note notebook online we may choose to click on File back Stage and on the folder that it shows the above icon. 

3) When we click on it it will give the following options to share it either on computer or on network.

When we choose web it will ask the Live ID and password and shares the data on internet. If we choose Network on the computer, it asks to choose the path where we can share or with whom we can share on a system to a new location. 

When we click on web and enter our Hotmail ID it will give options or folder to share the current folder with. Choose a folder and select Share notebook to share it to that folder. 


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