Thursday, March 24, 2011

Format Painter

This is a very helpful tool that helps in changing the text font or format easily and in less time. It reduces the time to change the selected text format just in one single click and drag. Microsoft Office has introduced this feature since 2007 version

Format Painter is the easily found Under Home Tab and on Clipboard Ribbon on every Office program. We will see how it works in Microsoft Excel. Say we have text in two different formats on the worksheet or in two different worksheets

1) Place the cursor in one cell that has the required formatting. 

2) Now click on Format Painter first and drag it on different word or word with different font or formatting. 

3) When we click on format painter option, cursor changes to following icon. 

4) At this point we need to press and drag the cursor over other word to change the formatting to required format. 

We can even copy the formatting on the cell if we want to apply to a different cells, rows columns or rows or the entire sheet.


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