Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Remove Gridlines in Microsoft Excel 2010

In Microsoft Excel we have an option to hide the gridlines to see the data in a clear format or just as we see on a normal page. This will give us a chance to see the data that we have as we see it in Microsoft Word or in word processing applications. 
Steps to hide gridlines: 

1) Click on File Back Stage menu and click on Options 

2) Click on Advanced 

3) Scroll down the right scroll bar under advanced menu till you see "Display options for this worksheet" under which we will see Show Gridlines option. Uncheck that option to hide the Gridlines and check the box to see the gridlines on the current worksheet.

4) When we uncheck the box we will get the excel page like this without any lines on it. But all the rules of Excel apply to it. Cells size,  row and columns etc.


I want to SEE the grid lines in Excel, and I want them NOT to print when I embed Excel in Word 2010. This used to be automatic in Word XP.

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