Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Copy OneNote Pages to Microsoft Word

     Some times we may need to send the One note Notebooks to Microsoft Word Documents for better editing of documents and when the need demands. So we may think of copying the entire Notebook and copying them to the Word document. Microsoft OneNote has provided a feature that will directly send all the data to Microsoft word Document. 

Steps to send the One note Current Page to Microsoft Word document: 

1) Goto the page number or page with a name that has to be copied, click on File menu to go backstage view and click on send to word

2) Clicking on this will copy the entire data to Microsoft word immediately. This will copy the data on the current page where cursor is located. 

This is the easiest way of bringing the OneNote Notebook page to word.


Why can't we send the whole notebook?

How do I send a OneNote page to Word and maintain a hand drawn line round some the text? When I use send to Word the text entity and the hand drawn line entity end up separated.


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