Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Skip Slide Number On Title Slide

Inserting Slide numbers makes the slides look professional and also helps in making the presentation look professional. More over it helps in sorting the slides so that it will help us in arranging them or changing the order as and when needed. While inserting slides in Microsoft Powerpoint we may need to skip the number on slide one that is title slide where keeping a slide number does not look good.
Steps to Skip the slide number in Microsoft Power point

1) Click on Insert Menu and click on Slide number we will get a dialog box  with title header and footer.

2) Check the box that says "Don't show on the title slide". This will help us to eliminate the slide number on title slide and insert the slide numbers on the rest.


We can observe that the slide number and date have been omitted from the title slide.


PowerPoint 2010: When using slide numbers, is there a way to number the slides by not counting the actual page. For example, I have 4 pages: 1-cover page showing no page number which I know how to do, 2-text page, 3-title page with no number showing, and 4-text page. But I don't want the title pages counted at all which means the page number at the bottom of the presentation would only show 2 pages because I didn't count the Cover Page and Title Page. Thank you.

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