Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wrap Text On Picture

As we write documents in Microsoft Word , we may need some date to be written on picture as well or the picture has to be behind the text. In such cases we use text wrap option to push the picture back and bring the text to the front on to the picture. 

Steps to Bring the Text on to the Picture: 

1) Click on the Picture on the document page to get the format picture tools. Consider that the text is scattered like this as in the picture.

2) we need the text to be placed on the picture, click on wrap text to get the options. 

Here we have different options: 
  • Square
  • Tight
  • Through
  • Top and Bottom
  • Behind Text
  • In front of Text
We need to select behind text to push the picture back and bring the font on to the picture

This can be done on all the versions since Microsoft Office 2003. 


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