Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inserting Page Color and Lines

Microsoft One note provides many features for its users and has been developed into a very useful program. 
We can change the page background, insert pictures as background and many more. Linking outlook with it and making note of online information in a slightest moment just by copying and dragging it to the OneNote page. 

Microsoft Office has some common features in its new 2010 version programs. Things like coloring the text, background images and more over One note has everything that we can do in a very easy way. Now we will apply page color to the one note pages and will see the them with lines as we have it on a normal notebook.

1) Click on a page and on a section for which the color has to be applied. Go to View Menu and click on page color. 

2) Click on the color to get the color applied to the page. 

3) To see the lines on the page Click on ruler beside Rule Lines and choose from the list of templates

4) The lines will be applied to the page to get the feel as we are writing on a notebook page with a pen. 

Microsoft Onenote is the only application that gives us a feasibility to do things on it and also to make note of all the information that we do. 


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