Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To Time a Slide

In Microsoft Power point 2010 we have advanced feature that will set the timing when we choose rehearse timings option. This is a bit different from its previous versions. This will help us choose the time of transition for a particular slide which is same as the time the slide will stay in the slide show.

How to set up time for a particular slide: 

1) Click on Slide Show Menu and rehearse timings

2) This will start the slide show and time of presenting the slide starts running

3) If we want to change the slide after 3 seconds we need to press right arrow to change the slide

4) Similarly we may choose time for all the slides after which it will show a message like this that asks for confirmation of the total slide show time. We need to choose Yes to get the timings applied to all the slides. 

5) It will display all the slides with the applied timings and effects if any. 

6) Press F5 to see the slide show with the applied timings.

This works in a different way for its previous version Power point 2003 and in similar way for its 2007 version


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