Friday, March 11, 2011

Insert Page Borders to Documents

We use ruler to set the page borders easily in Microsoft Word. To see the borders on the page we may need to select the borders to see the lines at the set page layout. Microsoft word 2010  version has given it on the ribbon view to change the borders easily.

Steps to apply the borders to page: 

1) Click on Page Layout Menu 
2) Click on Page Borders on Page back Ground Ribbon

3) We will get a box to select the borders for the page as required. (top, right, left and right)

4) we can even change the setting that under "Apply to:" to apply the changed to whole document or to the current page, current section etc. 

5) This will apply the border to the whole section but not to the first page where we might have kept the Document or Project heading.

This has become easier in the 2010 version with the introduction of Ribbon view. 


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