Monday, March 14, 2011

Creating a OneNote Notebook Online

One Note is one of the utility programs that is being provided by Microsoft through its Office programs since 2003. It has been released in 2007 and two service packs and got the new version released with Microsoft Office 2010.

when we are saving a One note notebook online we will have three options where we need to save it.

It will ask us to type a name under 'section 2'. 

Under section 3, we have Web Location:

By default we have windows live and when we click on Sign in, it will ask us to enter a hotmail ID username and password. If we don't have one we can create by clicking in the Signup for windows Live. 

It will give a folder under Section three with the name of the person who has logged into the email account. 

It will show a message that it is creating a new book and connect it to online

Then it will ask to email a link to a friend which can be accepted or rejected as per the wish of the person. Here on when ever you enter any data into the notebook that we have created it will  be synchronized with your Office online account. Even if we don't have one note installed on the PC we can open the notes online and can be viewed using the Office online account.


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