Friday, March 18, 2011

Name The Workspace

While working on Excel huge numerical data can be at one place and it needs to be accessed quite many times, so it has to be easily accessed to save time and confusion. Since Office 2003 version, Microsoft has introduced an option to name a part of worksheet and can be easily accessed from Name box.

To name a part of worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2003: 

1) Select the Worksheet space or workspace you want to name.

2) Click on Insert Menu and Click on Name and Define

3) Type a name and click on Add. 

4) From next time if we want to navigate to that same place, we can do it just by choosing the name in the name box.

This will take us to the range of cells where the name is given. 

This is possible in 2003 and  2007 versions of Microsoft Office Excel.


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